Boredom? Can’t relate. Something you won’t experience when visiting this modern middle eastern mega-city. From desolate desert sand, the Emirati people have created a rapidly expanding civilization with a focus on creating and displaying some of the most advanced and luxurious architecture, activities and culinary experiences on the planet. World’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, check. World’s biggest mall, the Dubai Mall, check. Enjoying dinner suspended along the skyline, 50 meters in the air, why not! Dubai is all about experiencing life’s luxuries! The local cuisine, Emirati, focuses on fresh meats such as lamb and goat, rice and local spices. Dates and coffee post meal are also customary. Dubai has a large percentage of expats, meaning that there is also a global presentation of different cuisines throughout the city.

Featured Hotels & Resorts:
  • Jumeirah al Qasr Luxury Resort
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 Floating Hotel
  • Anantara Dubai
  • Five Palm Dubai
  • Paramount Hotel
  • Jumeirah al Naseem